The Hive
Louis 1856
External Reference Architects, Kanaka Raghavan, Enrique Sanchez
Restaurant Installation
Barcelona, Spain
The gastronomic brasserie Louis 1856 in the basement of the legendary local Moritz brewery reproduces the model French restaurant of the late nineteenth century. Originally built in 1856, it was completely redesigned by Jean Nouvel in 2012. The new restaurant is a space that pays homage to restaurants that have stood the test of time. We were required to design and execute two installations for the new brasserie, giving it a modern touch yet blending into the industrial design of the brewery.
The first of two installations was to be conceptualised for the staircase space leading to the restaurant from the brewery above. The installation was intended to capture any passerby's attention and increase their curiosity about what is unfolding behind it. We used a series of cylinders to form a subtle double-curved wave, acting as a type of screen, which can be noticed from the staircase side as well as from the inside. The wave was even more amplified and dramatic on the side of the installation facing the restaurant space. The cylinders showcased different products of Fabrica Moritz such as wine bottles, small, and large beer bottles. The bottles have been illuminated with dynamically changing colours and patterns to add warmth and vibrance to the space.
My Role
The space was initially built in 1856 hence it was very important to not touch the original structure and work around the existing elements. I conceptualised several different configurations of cylinders that could fit the space and details regarding the curvature of the structure using digital tools such as Grasshopper and Rhino. Additionally, I was responsible for producing the necessary working drawings and details for lighting, spacing of cylinders and the seating area in front of the installation, and execution on site.