A little Introduction
About Me.

Hello! I am Kanaka Raghavan, an Indian architect based currently in Barcelona.


I have a Masters in Advanced Design and Digital Architecture from ELISAVA, UPF, Barcelona. Here's where I got myself into the parametric and experimental world of architecture and enjoyed creating definitions and details for complex structures.


Later, I worked at External Reference where I experienced contemporary architecture in Barcelona from a whole new perspective. Here, I acquired skills in developing interior spaces, detailing and fabricating interesting, as well as challenging installations, meeting deadlines and finishing (last-minute) presentations successfully.

Other skills?

I'm a closeted doodler and in the process of turning my passion into something that will sponsor my flight tickets. I love drawing patterns, buildings and funny life situations.


I am comprehensive, extremely passionate about all kinds of design and have a keen eye for detail. I love learning, teaching myself new skills and pushing my own creative boundaries time and again.


I will stop listening to you if I can see a dog.

Fun stuff?

When I am not working, I enjoy yoga (I am Indian, after all), eating at new restaurants, travelling and stalking dogs on the street.